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An elastomeric glove molded in to a mitten type glove with a thumb section molded to fit all sizes. The glove may be constructed of any natural or synthetic rubber latex or blend or combination thereof and has a thickens between about 0.004 to 0.012 inches per layer and a tensile strength between about 1500 to 5000 psi and a 500% modulus between about 300 to 2000 psi


1 . surgical glove constructed from a latex material and having an opening comprising an interior surface; and exterior surface a palm section; a band being located around the opening and been incased by latex material, the band ensuring a proper fit and prevents the glove from rolling upward of falling of the hand. And an embossed surface extending from the interior surface to the exterior surface having and interior side and an exterior side. The embossed side providing protection to the skin from cold temperature provided by the inter mediate surface containing a cooling agent. The intermediate surface is made of latex also to serve as containment of ammonium nitrate and water as the agent providing cold compress to the fingers in the glove; with a thickness of 0.004 to 0.012 inches The glove is of unitary construction and uniform composition. 2 . The glove of claim 1 wherein the finger section includes a thumb section and a mitten like section for all fingers. 3 . The glove of claim 1 wherein the outer surface of latex for flexibility and containment of temperature. 4 . The glove of claim 1 wherein the inner surface of latex for containment of cooling agent smooth and thin for transmittal of cold temperature. 5 . The glove of claim 1 wherein the most inner surface of material like textile to protect skin from cold temperature generated.
FIELD OF THE INVENTION [0001] The present invention deals with gloves and more specifically; with smooth latex surgical gloves. That is designed to provide environmental protection and comfort for the glove users. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION [0002] For many years gloves have been widely used as a primary barrier or protection against the spread of diseases in various situations, including direct medical care, surgery, and dental care and in food handling purposes. To glove users, the essential properties apart from protection are the comfort and ease of movement in performing routine duties while gloves are been worn. [0003] Conventional gloves are in perfect harmony with there use in hospitals and restaurants even in cleaning services. The flexibility and protection against the environment is accurate. [0004] The invention of layered gloves containing a cooling agent is aimed at providing cancer patients facing quimotherapy the alternative of a more comfortable process while receiving treatment. [0005] It is desirable, therefore to provide a latex glove with a cooling agent that will protect the patient's nerve endings from been damaged by the treatment. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION [0006] An ambidextrous latex glove of unitary construction and uniform composition is provided with materials in the area of the fingers that are to be protected by cold temperature providing the user with the necessary degree of temperature to avoid damage to nerve ending of the fingers and avoiding the loss of sensitivity and the loss of the nail bed and in consequence the loss of the nail it self. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS [0007] FIG. 1 shows the first side of a latex glove in accordance with the embodiment of the present invention. [0008] FIG. 2 Shows area where the cooling agent is located in the glove and also shows the Velcro strap that holds the glove in place. [0009] FIG. 3 shows the different layers to be incorporated in to one unity DETAILED DESCRIPTION [0010] An ambidextrous latex glove is provided with a smooth surface and can be in different colors according to size to make the recognition of size easy for the medical worker applying the treatment. The gloves are manufactured from a specially designed porcelain mitten mold and dipped in the compounding ingredients to produce the inventive glove. [0011] These gloves can be easily put on to the hand the usual way conventional gloves are worn. And can be fasten with ease by the person applying the treatment to the person wearing the glove. [0012] The glove is shaped like a mitten and can come in different sizes, extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large. [0013] The cooling agent would be placed in a pocket like layer on the inside of the glove (built in) only at the front end (section A in FIG. 2 ) to provide the cold compress only in the section required on both sides of the hand. Especially the finger tips. [0014] The glove shaped like a mitten is of unitary construction and uniform composition namely a single piece of hollow latex and material in the form of a mitten glove. [0015] The glove can be worn on either the right or left hand, only by moving the thumb position to either side as needed, the opening too would be in accordance to the size needed by the person wearing the glove [0016] For example, assume the glove, size medium is to be put on a hand (not shown) with the palm of the hand facing up. To wear the glove on the right had it would be positioned the thumb part on the right side to correspond with the thumb position of the right hand, palm up. For a left hand with its palm facing up, the glove would be flipped over to position the thumb part on the left side. [0017] A band is included around the opening and encased on the latex rubber material of the gloves construction. The band ensures a snug, proper fit and prevents the glove from rolling upward on the hand of the user. [0018] In the preceding specification, the invention has been described with reference to specific exemplary embodiments thereof it will however be evident that various modifications and changes may be made thereto without departing from the broader spirit and scope of the invention as set forth in the claims that fallow. The specification and drawings are accordingly to be regarded in an illustrative manner rather than a restrictive sense.



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