Wavelength filter



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To achieve a wavelength filter which has high use efficiency of light, prevents a device from getting long or large by reducing the number of part items, and is equivalent to a multi-staged Lyot filter exhibiting a steep transmission spectrum and narrow band property. SOLUTION: In this wavelength filter 31, first and second phase shifters 32, 33 having a fixed optical thickness are laminated with an incoming side polarizer 34, an inner reflection film 35, and an outgoing side polarizer 36 placed therebetween, first and second outside polarizers 38-40, 42-44 and first and second outside reflection films 41, 45 are arranged along the direction of advancement of light, respectively on the outside main faces of the first and second phase shifters. The s-polarization of incoming light L1 is reflected by the incoming side polarizer and the p-polarization is transmitted. The s-polarization and p-polarization are transmitted, respectively, multiply reflecting inside the first and second phase shifters and combined and emitted by the outgoing side polarizer. COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT
【課題】光の利用効率が高く、部品点数を少なくして装置の長大化・大型化を防止でき、透過スペクトルが急峻で狭帯域特性を発揮する多段構造のリオフィルタと同等の波長フィルタを実現する。 【解決手段】波長フィルタ31は、一定の光学的厚さを有する第1及び第2位相子32,33をその間に入射側偏光子34と内側反射膜35と出射側偏光子36を挟んで積層し、第1及び第2位相子の外側主面にそれぞれ第1及び第2外側偏光子38〜40,42〜44と第1及び第2外側反射膜41,45とを光の進行方向に沿って配置する。入射光L1は入射側偏光子によりs偏光が反射され、p偏光が透過する。s偏光及びp偏光はそれぞれ第1及び第2位相子内部を多重反射しながら透過し、出射側偏光子により合成されて出射する。 【選択図】図1




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