Underground bicycle parking facility



【課題】地下式自転車駐輪設備の地上に露出する部分のコンパクト化、及び自転車の処理能力の向上による収容台数の増加、の双方を実現できる新たな地下式自転車駐輪設備を提供する。 【解決手段】地下に自転車を保管する収容スペースを有する地下構造物1と、自転車を位置決めする位置決め部14bを有する昇降体14と、昇降体14を地下構造物1の内部で垂直方向に昇降させる昇降装置4と、昇降装置4を中心にして、地下構造物1の収容スペースに放射状に且かつ上下多段に配置された多数の保管棚2と、昇降体14と保管棚2との間で自転車の受け渡しを行う移載装置22と、を備える地下式自転車駐輪設備において、利用者が地上に上昇した昇降体14の位置決め部14bに自転車をセットし、移載装置22のホルダ部22aが昇降体14上の自転車を掴んだ状態で、昇降装置4が昇降体14を地下構造物1の保管棚2の高さまで下降させる。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a new underground bicycle parking facility which can realize both the compactness of a part exposed on the ground of the underground bicycle parking facility and the increase of accommodations of bicycles due to the improvement of a capacity. SOLUTION: The underground bicycle parking facility includes an underground structure 1 having an accommodation space for storing the bicycles in the underground, an elevating member 14 having a positioning part 14b for positioning the bicycle, an elevating device 4 for vertically elevating and lowering the elevating member 14 in the underground structure 1, many storing racks 2 arranged radially and in upper and lower multistages from the elevating device 4 as a center in the accommodation space of the underground structure 1 and a carriage 22 for delivering the bicycle between the elevating member 14 and the storing rack 2. In the underground bicycle parking facility, a user sets the bicycle to the positioning part 14b of the elevating member 14 elevated to the ground and the elevating device 4 lowers the elevating member 14 to the height of the storing rack 2 of the underground structure 1 under a state that a holder part 22a of the carriage 22 grips the bicycle on the elevating member 14. COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT




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