Light source lighting device, illumination fixture, and illumination system



【課題】直流供給線路からの入力電圧が低下したときに当該入力電圧のさらなる低下を防止して光源を点灯させることができる光源点灯装置、照明器具、照明システムを提供する。 【解決手段】光源点灯装置1は、直流供給線路Wdcを介して直流電源Eに接続され、直流電源Eからの電力供給を受けて光源2を点灯させる。直流供給線路Wdcから光源点灯装置1に入力される電圧は入力電圧Vinとして電圧検出手段で検出され、直流供給線路Wdcから光源点灯装置1に入力される電流は入力電流Iinとして電流検出手段で検出され、制御手段は、入力電圧Vinが第1の電圧V 1 以上のときに入力電圧Vinの変動にかかわらず光源2の光出力を規定値に維持し、入力電圧Vinが第1の電圧V 1 を下回ると入力電圧Vinが第1の電圧V 1 のときの入力電流Iinである制限値I 1 以下に入力電流Iinを制限する。 【選択図】図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a light source lighting device, an illumination fixture, and an illumination system capable of lighting a light source by preventing further reduction of an input voltage when the input voltage from a direct current supply line is reduced. <P>SOLUTION: The light source lighting device 1 is connected to a direct current power supply E via the direct current supply line Wdc, and lights on the light source 1 by receiving electric power supply from the direct current power supply E. A voltage input into the light source lighting device 1 from the direct current supply line Wdc is detected as the input voltage Vin by a voltage detecting means, a current input into the light source lighting device 1 from the direct current supply line Wdc is detected as the input current Iin by the electric current detecting means. A control means maintains light output of the light source 2 at a prescribed value regardless of fluctuations of the input voltage Vin when the input voltage Vin is a first voltage V<SB>1</SB>or more, and limits the input current Iin at a limit value I<SB>1</SB>, which is the input current Iin when the input voltage Vin is the first voltage V<SB>1</SB>, or lower, if the input voltage Vin becomes lower than the first voltage V<SB>1</SB>. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT




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