Illumination sheet member and cover member for control switch



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an illumination sheet that easily secures more amount of light internally and optically guided, and that is easy to be made smaller and thinner. SOLUTION: The illumination sheet member 40 comprises: a light incident portion 41 through which light from a light source 11 enters; a light guide portion 43 for guiding the light incident from the light incident portion 41 through the interior; and a plurality of radiation portions 45 for radiating the light guided by the light guide portion 43. The light incident portion 41 comprises: a light incident surface 51 that closely adheres to the surface of the light guide portion 43 in a protruding condition and faces a light emitting surface 11a of the light source 11; and a light guide surface 53 that is provided to a light radiation portion 45 side rather than to the light incident surface 51 and is slanted to be progressively thinner from the light source 11 side towards the radiation portion 45 side. The light that enters the light incident surface 51 and reaches the light guide surface 53 is guided to the interior of the light guide portion 43 by the light guide surface 53. COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT
【課題】内部で導光される光の量をより多く確保し易く、小型薄肉化を図り易い照光シートを提供する。 【解決手段】光源11からの光が入射される光入射部41と、光入射部41から入射された光が内部を通して導かれる導光シート部43と、導光シート部43により導光された光を放射する複数の放射部45とを備えた照光シート部材40であり、光入射部41は、導光シート部43の表面に密着して突設されると共に、光源11の発光面11aと対向する入射面51と、入射面51より放射部45側に設けられ、光源11側から放射部45側に向けて薄肉となるように傾斜した光案内面53とを備え、入射面51から入射されて光案内面53に達した光が、光案内面53により導光シート部43の内部に導かれるように構成されている。 【選択図】図2




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