Extrusion molding die



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an extrusion molding die capable of suppressing drop of an internal pressure in hollow holes and suppressing breakage of a molded article even when a part of the hollow holes is buried due to some failures upon molding of the molded article having the hollow holes by extrusion molding. SOLUTION: The extrusion molding die (A) is provided with: a support part 1 which partitions the flow path of the molding material into the forward direction side and the reverse direction side of a flow direction of the flow path; and a plurality of projection parts 2 which project toward the forward direction side of the flow direction from the support part 1. Air holes 17 which penetrate the projection parts 2 in the flow direction are disposed in the projection parts 2. Flow-holes 3 which penetrate the support part 1 in the flow direction and air paths 20, 21 through which an air current to be supplied from outside is made to flow and which communicate with the air holes 17 in the projection parts 2 are disposed on the support part 1. COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT
【課題】押出成形により中空孔を有する成形体を成形する際、中空孔の一部が何らかの不具合により埋まるなどしても中空孔の内圧低下を抑制し、成形体の破損を抑制することができる押出成形型を提供する。 【解決手段】押出成形型Aは、成形材料の流路をその流通方向の順方向側と逆方向側とに仕切る支持部1と、この支持部1から前記流通方向の順方向側に向けて突出する複数の突部2とを具備する。突部2にはこの突部2を前記流通方向に貫通する通気孔17が設けられる。前記支持部1には、この支持部1を前記流通方向に貫通する流通孔3と、外部から供給される気流が流通すると共に前記突部2の通気孔17に連通する通気路20,21とが設けられる。 【選択図】図1




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