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US-2008102532-A1: Handheld microcantilever-based sensor for detecting tobacco-specific nitrosamines patent, US-2008248233-A1: Tobacco Suction Tape patent, US-D270820-S: Visual marker patent, US-2008304147-A1: Microscope system patent, US-2009072354-A1: Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2010007621-A1: Touch screen panel and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2005213129-A1: Image inspection apparatus, image inspecting method, and program therefor patent, US-2006005788-A1: Four stroke engine auto-ignition combustion patent, US-2006009027-A1: Method and structure to improve properties of tunable antireflective coatings patent, US-2006233976-A1: Ink-jet inks containing sulfonated aromatic compounds for reducing ozone fade patent, US-2007061842-A1: System and method for providing a unified programming guide patent, US-2009106581-A1: System and method for data writing patent, US-2009219405-A1: Information processing apparatus, eye open/closed degree determination method, computer-readable storage medium, and image sensing apparatus patent, US-2009242899-A1: Epitaxial Growth on Low Degree Off-Axis SiC Substrates and Semiconductor Devices Made Thereby patent, US-2010031081-A1: Data Storage System and Control Method Thereof patent, US-2005179578-A1: Ultra-wideband detector systems for detecting moisture in building walls patent, US-2007053189-A1: Backlight Unit and Method for Equalizing Brightness thereof patent, US-2007113210-A1: Method and apparatus for supporting verification, and computer product patent, US-2008259877-A1: System and Method for a Dynamic Beacon Period in a Mac Distributed Reservation Protocol patent, US-2009173673-A1: Fluid delivery device patent, US-2010031169-A1: Mobile terminal and image control method thereof patent, US-2010082712-A1: Location and Time Based Media Retrieval patent, US-2005258507-A1: Q-factor with electrically controllable resistivity of silicon substrate layer patent, US-2006002410-A1: Device and method for multiplexing associated with a coding device patent, US-2006294538-A1: Inserting advertising content into video programming patent, US-2007108889-A1: Organic light emitting display device with trap for foreign substance and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2007172060-A1: Information processing apparatus and key recovery method patent, US-2007233023-A1: Film Comprising Individual Anchored Filaments patent, US-2007257298-A1: Memory cell with reduced size and standby current patent, US-2008269634-A1: Deformity correction using neural integrity monitoring patent, US-2009208189-A1: Playback device, recording device, playback method, and recording method patent, US-2009271910-A1: Ice gloves patent, US-2005106083-A1: Ceramic honeycomb structural body and method of manufacturing the structural body patent, US-2006002770-A1: Lite mine roof support crib and method patent, US-2007255773-A1: Method and system for inspecting memory leaks and analyzing contents of garbage collection files patent, US-2008134591-A1: Stackable Pedestal for Supporting Decking Elements patent, US-2010033564-A1: Vehicle monitoring system patent, US-2010086770-A1: Laminates Comprising Metal Oxide Nanoparticles patent, US-2010122916-A1: Sensor with electrodes of a same material patent, US-2005036519-A1: Method and system for re-multiplexing of content-modified MPEG-2 transport streams using interpolation of packet arrival times patent, US-2006014597-A1: Bob stick patent, US-2006038461-A1: Optimized air core armature patent, US-2007063389-A1: Apparatus and method for the non-destructive separation of hardened material layers from a flat construction plane patent, US-2009320225-A1: Oral Care Implement With Mechanical Energy Harvesting patent, US-2005219265-A1: Projection display apparatus, display method for same and image display apparatus patent, US-2006256410-A1: Picture editor patent, US-2007059318-A1: Lipid nano particulates containing antigens as cancer vaccines patent, US-2008034476-A1: Double-layer fabric garment and production method patent, US-2008051848-A1: Electronics Package Suitable for Implantation patent, US-2009059657-A1: Cmos storage devices configurable in high performance mode or radiation tolerant mode patent, US-2010058938-A1: Automated juice extractor patent, US-2005193339-A1: Tangible icon representing network objects patent, US-2008232767-A1: Timer-recording managing apparatus, timer-recording managing method and recorder patent, US-2009157671-A1: System And Method For Providing Full-Text Search Integration In XQuery patent, US-2003219675-A1: Sensitized chemically amplified photoresist for use in photomask fabrication and semiconductor processing patent, US-2007266356-A1: IC Design Flow Enhancement With CMP Simulation patent, US-2008077267-A1: Controlling system for cardboard-sheet manufacturing apparatus patent, US-2009250769-A1: Semiconductor Device Having Multiple Fin Heights patent, US-2010112639-A1: Enhanced production and purification of a natural high intensity sweetener patent, US-2006220214-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2009205285-A1: Composite floor systems and apparatus for supporting a concrete floor patent, US-2010026815-A1: Information processing method, information processing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium patent, US-2005066059-A1: Propagating attributes between entities in correlated namespaces patent, US-2007156778-A1: File indexer patent, US-2007185383-A1: Tapered endoscopic protective sheath patent, US-2008148103-A1: Apparatus and method for monitoring and debugging query execution objects patent, US-2008218774-A1: Configurable printer for different locations and methods of configuring a printer for different locations patent, US-2008263276-A1: Method and apparatus for evaluating and improving disk access time in a raid system patent, US-2009162303-A1: Composition containing two polyesters patent, US-2010138524-A1: Method and apparatus for automatically integrating a medical device into a medical facility network patent, US-2004063147-A1: Novel applications of acridinium compounds and derivatives in homogeneous assays patent, US-2005109499-A1: Air-conditioning apparatus including motor-driven compressor for idle stopping vehicles patent, US-2006232464-A1: Dual channel spatially adaptive CFAR patent, US-2007265368-A1: Functionalized Copolymers of Terminally Functionalized Perfluoro (Alkyl Vinyl Ether) Reactor Wall for Photochemical Reactions, Process for Increasing Fluorine Content in Hydrocaebons and Halohydrocarbons and Olefin Production patent, US-2007282604-A1: Noise Suppression Process And Device patent, US-2010131434-A1: Automated patient-management system for presenting patient-health data to clinicians, and methods of operation thereor patent, US-2010019380-A1: Integrated circuit with micro-pores ceramic heat sink patent, US-2010072484-A1: Heteroepitaxial gallium nitride-based device formed on an off-cut substrate patent, US-2003215938-A1: Lens assembly for biological testing patent, US-2008082509-A1: System and Method for Active Browing patent, US-2006222251-A1: Method and system for frame/field coding patent, US-2007080141-A1: Low-voltage inductively coupled source for plasma processing patent, US-2008249103-A1: Sirtuin polymorphisms and methods of use thereof patent, US-2008274844-A1: False activation reducing centrifugal activation system patent, US-2008315418-A1: Methods of post-contact back end of line through-hole via integration patent, US-2005021401-A1: Method and system for issuing, aggregating and redeeming merchant loyalty points with an acquiring bank patent, US-2007015832-A1: Methods of treating overactive bladder and urinary incontinence patent, US-2010069723-A1: System and Method for Voice Control of Medical Devices patent, US-2005126784-A1: Treatment of oil wells patent, US-2008164262-A1: Automotive fuel storage system with in-tank fuel encapsulation system patent, US-2008205284-A1: Label switched path oam wrapper patent, US-2009054459-A1: Substituted indoles patent, US-2010075467-A1: Non-volatile electromechanical field effect devices and circuits using same and methods of forming same patent, US-2006254745-A1: Mold clamping apparatus of a die casting machine and so on, a method of changing a mold in the die casting machine and so on provided with the mold clamping apparatus and a changing system of a moving die plate patent, US-2010073572-A1: Variable-gain low noise amplifier for digital terrestrial applications patent, US-2005063475-A1: Adaptive video prefilter patent, US-2005249606-A1: Devices and methods for use in assessing a flow condition of a fluid patent, US-2010136239-A1: Thick film getter paste compositions with pre-hydrated desiccant for use in atmosphere control patent, US-2003186107-A1: High performance fuel cells patent, US-2008036115-A1: Starch Resin Composition, Molded Product Using the Same and Method for Producing the Same 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